X-axis: Align X Axis power feed

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SKU: BP-pf Model CE500PX
Align X Axis power feed - Model CE500PX
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Model CE500P - Align X Axis power feed

This is the X axis power feed for your Bridgeport or similar machines. there are auto stops fitting kit and a 1 year warranty included.

Speed range 0-160rpm
Voltage 110V
Max Torque 780 in-lbs
Rated Current 1 amp
Net weight 6.6kg

This unit has variable speed and rapid override.
We have a fitting video in the rebuild learning section of this web site. This video also shows you in more of what's included.

Note: You may need an adapter shaft.  We do have other listings with the adaptor shaft included or you can buy it separately. If you already have a similar feed fitted or no power feed was ever on your machine then you won't need an adaptor shaft.