X-axis: Align X Axis power feed with adaptor

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SKU: BP-pf Model CE500PX with adaptor
X-axis: Align X Axis power feed with adaptor
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Align power feed with adaptor shaft

This allows you to upgrade from the Old original Bridgeport power feed (shown in pictures) to the new Align feed unit. This saves a lot of time and whole load of money. you can do the job in a few hours.

You will not need the Erskin unit any more because this unit works straight from the 110v supply - you can take the Erkin unit out and use the brown and red wires coming from the contactor to power the new Align feed unit.
You can still turn feed power off from the front control panel as per original specification.
This unit also has auto stops a full fitting kit and 1 year warranty - everything you need to do the feed upgrade.
We have a fitting video in the rebuild section.

Speed range 0-160rpm
Voltage 110V
Max Torque 780 in-lbs
Rated Current 1 amp
Net weight 6.6kg