Colchester Triumph Lathe guard PFR 01/300

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SKU: MA-Guard-PFR 01-300
Colchester Triumph Lathe guards available in 4 different sizes
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Colchester Triumph Lathe guards available in 5 different sizes

PFR 01/300 - Ideal for the Colchester student or Harrison M300
PFR 01/400
PFR 01/500 - Ideal for the Colchester Triumph 2000 or Harrison M400
PFR 01/600

Made by Techno Pui

This is very robust guard with a single interlock system - this guard will need to be interfaced into the E Stop system on the machine.  
The guard has the balance between offering excellent protection for the operator while not obstructing the workflow. The switch is EN1088. All guards are in conformance with P.U.W.E.R(1998) and come a certificate of conformity.