Bison Vice - Various Jaw sizes

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Bison Vices - Available in 3 different sizes
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Bison Vices: Available in 3 different sizes
6910 – 105  which has 105mm jaw width
6910-155 which has 155m jaw width
6910 -210 which has 210mm jaw widt

These vices have tenon slots on the bottom so can ensure they line up perfectly square with your table easily and everytime you put them back in position.

  • The Jaws are hardened and removable.
  • The moving jaw leadscrew and nut are fully covered so being protected from swarf and coolant.
  • The moving jaw jib is easily adjustable with 3 screws.
  • The Vice is ideal from manual and CNC machines. 

For More information on vice sizes please view the information image