Fully rebuilt Bridgeport Machine Varispeed head

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SKU: M-RB-BP-Vari-speed-head
Bridgeport milling machine with Vari Speed head – Bridgeport 2j head
Guard Upgrade
DRO upgrade
Quill monitor
Machine light LED
Y axis power feed
Z axis power feed
R8 Collets
Machine vice
Air operated power draw bar
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Bridgeport milling machine with Vari Speed head – Bridgeport 2j head

Prices start at £7200 plus vat

The machines will have good condition chrome bed ways – the Bridgeport has the same strip down service replacing any non serviceable parts and leadscrews where needed – So you will have almost no backlash on the leadscrews(note we always replace the double nuts on both X and Y axis items HQT1069 and Item HQT1070 -and almost always replace the Y axis leadscrew) – the bearings in the quill/ spindle are always replaced and the head will be fully serviced. The DRO is 2 axis and is brand new with 2 year warranty. The Bridgeport 2J head will be fully serviced) and running really quiet (parts can cost easily £1200 plus vat specially if we need to replace the motor shaft). All you need to do is plug in and start making great quality parts.

There is always a new X axis power feed fitted which comes with a 1 year warranty.


Note this is only a quick synopsis of very extensive works each machines receives – you are more than welcome to visit the workshops to see the machines in strip down and see the full works carried out on each machine – you can even pick the machine you want before anyway else reserves it.