LED Model M2 - 24v ac/dc Std

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LED machine Light Model M2 IP65 sealed
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LED machine Light Model M2

Voltages available 24v ac/dc - and also 110/240v ac

They are available in two differing arn sizes. The standard model and the longer model (extra long).

The main differences are the length of arm.

The standard Item has arm sizes between the pivot of 190 and 270 respectively. This is for Harrison M300 and smaller type Lathes. Also for Colchester Master and student and smaller including Bridgeport.,

The longer version has arm sizes between the pivot of 400 and 370 respectively. (See image drawing). The extra long light is suitable for Colchester Triumph and larger. The size difference is important is because of how it fits with the guard on the lathe.

The LED lights are IP65 sealed and is ideal for manual and CNC machines.

If you are ordering for a CNC machine then you should definitely go for the 24v.

If you are ordering for a Bridgeport with the larger more modern cabinet then you can choose either the 110v or 24v light - the transformer inside has both voltages available

In summary:

M2 standard length
Machines this one is suitable for
Bridgeport mill and clones
Lathes Harrison M300 and smaller

1. Colchester Student and Master
2. Colchester Bantam
3, Colchester Chipmaster.
4 Harrison M300 - M250

M2 - Extra long
Is ideal for machines like the Colchester Triumph and larger lathes
1. Colchester Triumph
2. Colchester Mascot - Mastiff
3. Colchester Magnum
4. Harrison M400
5. Harrison M450
6 Harrison M500
7 Deans smith Grace all models.